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Environment & Energy Management
The word environment depicts a vast area. The protection of the environment is vital for Sustainable Human Development. Relevant factors of environment include food, waster, energy, natural resources, toxic substances etc. Energy is one of the most important factors of environment. Energy Management is critical to our future economic prosperity and environmental well being. Energy is essential for the functioning of most of the industrialized world as well as developing and under developed nations. Yet at the same time energy production and consumption causes degradation of the environment of the industrialized world and it seems that developing countries are also facing the similar kind of problem. Energy management is one of the most critical issues for the future as so much of the world is dependent upon it. Thus we need to understand the traditional sources of energy, their quality, availability and environmental effects, as well as the potential alternatives for energy and the effects of these upon the natural environment and modern industrial economies. Over the past two hundred years the use of primary energy sources in manufacturing or processing has evolved from simply using locally available resources, such as waterpower, firewood or coal. The transition from coal to a petroleum-based fuel economy took place through the twentieth century. With changes to the oil market in 2000 catching media attention around the world, there is further interest in the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources. Managing energy is now a basic feature in the global economy and environment. Fossil fuels in the form of oil, natural gas and coal comprise approximately 80% of the world’s energy use. We now face a world where the environmental impacts of combusting fossil fuels such as coal and oil are identified as unsustainable in the long term. The need to turn to increasing use of sustainable and renewable energy sources is clearly agreed.
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1 Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
Bannerghatta Road
Bangalore-560 076, Karnataka
Phone : 080-6582450
Fax : 080-6584050
Email Id :
ENVIS URL : www.eeibs.com
Org. URL : www.iimb.ernet.in
Prof. Prakash. G. Apte - Director

Prof. P. D. Jose - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : jose@iimb.ernet.in
Environmental Management in Management Schools Environment and Energy Management
2 The Energy Resources Institute(TERI)
Darbari Seth Block, Habitat Centre,
Lodi Road
New Delhi-110 003, Delhi
Phone : 011-24682100,24682111
Fax : 011-24682144
Email Id : envis@teri.res.in
ENVIS URL : www.teriin.org/envis
Org. URL : www.teriin.org
Dr. R.K. Pachauri - Director General

Shri. P.K. Bhattacharya - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : pkbhatta@teri.res.in
Renewable Energy and Environment Environment and Energy Management

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