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Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology

Hazardous waste / Chemical waste can be defined as a “solid waste, or combination of solid wastes, which because of its quantity, concentration, or chemical, or infectious characteristics may cause, or significantly contribute to an increase in mortality or an increase in serious irreversible, or incapacitating reversible illness; or pose a substantial present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly treated, stored, transported, disposed of, or otherwise managed.

The traditional definition of toxicology is “the science of poisons.” A more descriptive definition of toxicology is “the study of the adverse effects of chemicals or physical agents on living organisms”. These adverse effects may occur in many forms, ranging from immediate death to subtle changes not realized until months or years later. They may occur at various levels within the body, such as an organ, a type of cell, or a specific biochemical. Knowledge of how toxic agents damage the body has progressed along with medical knowledge. It is now known that various observable changes in anatomy or body functions actually result from previously unrecognized changes in specific biochemicals in the body. Toxicology provides a sound basis for formulating measures to protect the health of workers against toxicants in factories, farms, mines, and other occupational environments. Information on toxicology is valuable in the protection of public health against hazards associated with toxic substances in food, air and water. Toxicology has played and will continue to play a significant role in the health and welfare of the world. Environmental toxicology research includes hazardous chemical risk assessment, removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water, characterization of industrial breakdown products, and chemical and biological degradation of toxic wastes etc.

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Central Building Research Institute(CBRI)
Roorkee-247 667, Uttaranchal
Phone : 1332-272243,272660
Fax : 1332-272272,272543
Email Id : director@cbrimail.com
ENVIS URL : www.enviscbri.org
Org. URL : www.cbri.org

Dr. V.K. Mathur - Director
Dr. J. Bhatnagar - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : cbri@sirnetd.ernet.in
Fly Ash Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
2 Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB)
Parivesh Bhawan, CBD-Cum Office Complex
East Arjun Nagar
Delhi-110 032, Delhi
Phone : 011-22308902,22306128,22301932
Fax : 011-22307233,22304948
Email Id : pkmahendru@yahoo.com
Org. URL : www.cpcb.nic.in
Dr. V.Rajagopalan - Chairperson
Shri. P.K. Mahendru - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : mahendrap2002@yahoo.com
Control of Pollution
(Water, Air and Noise)
Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
3 Gujarat Cleaner Production Centre (GCPC)
Block No.4, 3rd Floor,
Udyog Bhawan, Sector-11,
Gandhi Nagar-382 017, Gujarat
Phone : 079-3243211,3225811-14
Fax : 079-3244306
Email Id : info@gcpcgujarat.org
ENVIS URL : www.gcpcgujarat.org/envisnode.html
Org. URL : www.gcpcgujarat.org
Shri. Bharat P. Jain - Member Secretary Cleaner Production and Technology Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
4 Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment (ICPE)
205, Hari Chambers,
58/64, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Fort
Mumbai-400 023, Maharashtra
Phone : 022-30904633,56351686/87,22694105/06
Fax : 022-56349705
Email Id : icpedelhi@sify.com
ENVIS URL : www.envis-icpe.com
Org. URL : www.icpenviro.org
Shri. K.G. Ramanathan - President
Shri. T.K. Bandopadhyay - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : icpe@vsnl.net
Management of Plastic, Polymer Wastes and Biopolymers, Impacts of Plastic on Eco-System Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
5 Indian Institute of Chemical Technology(IICT)
Uppal Road
Hyderabad-500 007, Andhra Pradesh
Phone : 040-27193134
Fax : 040-27193227
Email Id : usnmurthy@iict.ap.nic.in
ENVIS URL : www.envisiict.org
Org. URL : www.iict.res.in
Dr. J.S. Yadav - Director
Dr. U.Suryanarayana Murthy - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : murthyusn@yahoo.com
Bioinformatics - Vector
Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
6 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune-411 008, Maharashtra
Phone : 020-5893600
Fax : 020-5893825
Email Id :
ENVIS URL : envis.tropmet.res.in
Org. URL : www.tropmet.res.in
Dr. G.B. Pant - Director
Dr. G. Beig - Scientist
Email Id : beig@tropmet.res.in
Acid Rain and Atmospheric Pollution Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
7 Industrial Toxicological Research Centre(ITRC)
Post Box No.80
M.G. Marg
Lucknow-226 001, Uttar Pradesh
Phone : 0522-2621856,2213357,2228227,2284591
Fax : 0522-2228227
Email Id : envis@envisitrc.com
ENVIS URL : www.envisitrc.com
Org. URL : www.itrcindia.org/
Dr. Y.K. Gupta - Director
Dr(Mrs.) F.N. Jaffery - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : f_jaffery@yahoo.com
Toxic Chemicals Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
8 National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI)
Nehru Marg,
Nagpur-440020, Maharashtra
Phone : 0712-2226026,2226071
Fax : 0712-2225191
Email Id : neeri@envis.nic.in
ENVIS URL : www.geocities.com/envisneeri/index.html
Org. URL : www.neeri.nic.in
Dr. S. Devotta - Director
Dr. T.Chakraborty - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : dirneeri_ngp@sancharnet.in
Hazardous Waste Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
9 National Institute of Occupational Health(NIOH)
Meghani Nagar
Gujarat-380016, Ahmedabad
Phone : 079-22686351,22686259
Fax : 079-22686361
Email Id : niohicmr@icenet.net
ENVIS URL : www.envisnioh.org
Org. URL : www.nioh.org
Dr. H.N. Sayed - Director
Dr. Aruna Dewan - ENVIS Coordinator
Email Id : adewan@envisnioh.org
Environmental and Occupational Health Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
10 National Solid Waste Association of India (NSWAI)
25, Unique Industrial Estate,
Veer Savarkar Marg, Prabhadevi,
Mumbai-400 025, Maharashtra
Phone : 022-243753636,56603487
Fax : 022-56603486
Email Id : econpcpl@vsnl.com
ENVIS URL : www.nswai.com
Org. URL : www.ecochem.com
Dr. Amiya Kumar Sahu - Vice President
Shri. Ramdas Bhattacharya - ENVIS Coordinator
Urban Municipal Waste Management Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology
11 Sulabh International Institute of Health and Hygiene (Sulabh)
Sulabh Bhawan,
Mahavir Enclave,
New Delhi-110 045, Delhi
Phone : 011-25031243,25058941
Fax : 011-25034014
Email Id : sulabhenvis@indiatimes.com
ENVIS URL : www.sulabhenvis.nic.in
Org. URL : www.sulabhinternational.org
Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak - Founder
Dr. S.Nath - Chairman cum Medical Director
Email Id : nath.s@indiatimes.com
Hygiene, Sanitation and Environment, Sewage Treatment Systems and Technology Chemicals, Wastes and Toxicology

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